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Games and Amusements Board professionalizes Muay Thai


Games and Amusements Board is set to professionalize the sport of Muay Thai in the country.

The Games and Amusements Board, together with its stakeholders decided to take the Philippines’ Muay Thai to a different level.

In a meeting with various groups representing the sport as well as World Boxing Council’s Muay Thai arm, they’ve reach an agreement to professionalize the sport. This includes the supervision, licensing and ranking of the fighters. In addition, four events is planned to stage throughout the country to begin the partnership.

Present in the meeting are some of the notable personalities in the sport such as Team Lakay founder and coach Mark Sangiao, WBC Muay Thai representative Erwin Tagle as well as One Championship executive Bashir Ahmad.

Muay Thai has been integrated in the Philippine fight since the 1990’s, mostly as part of Elorde Boxing Promotion’s card. GAB chairman Baham Mitra believes that this will serve as a good avenue for Filipino athletes to showcase their skills in the “Art of the Eight Limbs”.


“This would be a good landing for former national players who fight for their passion and not money.” Mitra tells RealFight PH, “They do not just go home to their provinces after national team (careers). This will also inspire young fighters to strive hard to eventually become WBC Muay Thai world champs (in the future).”

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